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Jay was born and raised in Petersburg, Alaska, lovingly known as Little Norway. He was the last baby to be physically born on the small island. He grew up learning to love adventure and working with his hands. Growing up, he was a sweet and polite boy who did have a hint of mischief, which often landed him in the local newspaper, Anonymously of course. This adventurous kid was always looking for things to do and participated in many activities around the island. Some of these included playing the saxophone, fire breathing, fishing, hunting, tinkering, wrestling, and cheerleading. Smart man. He also enjoys the challenge to make or build anything from scratch, even if the parts are all scrap. This passion for creating brought him down to Eastern Washington for welding school. After spending a few years learning a trade, gaining a pretty sweet tan, and making some memories, he decided it was time for yet another change of scenery. From the sunny Tri-cities, he made his way across the state to the rainy, grey Puget Sound, where he received a message on a dating app that simply read, "I bet you have an amazing smile." Jay has a stellar and thoughtful heart, often buying random things for friends because it reminded him of them, or for a good laugh. His humorous nature has created many wondrous tales amongst his friends and family. This man also has a sweet tooth, which is probably one of the reasons he loves and puts up with Athena.




Athena was born in Duarte California to a young Danny and Regina. She Spent a lot of time with cousins and assorted family, eventually earning the title of kid wrangler at family reunions and get togethers. Athena and her family frequently roamed the west coast between Washington and California to various family gatherings and sightseeing destinations. She otherwise spent her time running and riding her bike around Auburn and the surrounding area with friends. Early hobbies included playing the Clarinet and culinary interests. After high school, Athena pursued her passion for the culinary arts and was even a Pantry chef for a short time. Today, she is a culinary affiliated field, but still tears it up in the kitchen. Athena is creatively motivated, often drawing, painting or doing cross stitch (needle point) projects. She portrays the first in, last out work ideology and makes an effort to ensure everyone around her has what they need to progress in their efforts. Some people are confused with her combination of characteristics initially. Not many associate belching and high heels together. More often than not, her goofy sense of humor eventually draws them in. A warm memory to passing acquaintances and beloved among her network of friends; she frequently brightens rooms wherever her adventures take her.



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February 22nd at Havenroot.



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